The darkening effect of beige and gray curtains is a popular trend, but its effects aren’t all that noticeable in the short term.

A study by researchers at University of Texas at Austin found that in the first six months, people who used gray and beige shades had higher levels of allergies and asthma.

It’s hard to know if this effect lasts forever, but it’s definitely something to be aware of.

Here are the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t buy a gray or beige curtain: 1.

Your eyes won’t get enough light.

You might not notice it, but when you’re sitting in a dark room you’re going to be seeing a lot more light.

That’s because your eyes can’t filter out enough light, which means the light you see comes from all around you.

This means your pupils can’t focus on one specific part of the scene, and your eyes are more likely to see colors you don’t want to. 2.

Your skin will dry out.

Your eyelids will dry up as your skin absorbs more light, making it appear redder.


You’ll get cold feet.

While some people claim that wearing white curtains makes you more comfortable, they don’t necessarily make your skin more susceptible to frostbite.

And a study conducted by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that while white curtains can help cool you, they only help you a little bit when it comes to keeping your skin comfortable.


The curtain isn’t going anywhere.

The darkness of your room can’t make your curtains disappear, and the color of the material isn’t as important as the quality of the fabric, which could mean you’ll be spending more time in them than in your other furniture.


The beige color will irritate your eyes.

While beige has been a popular color for over a century, it has a history of causing allergic reactions.

It can also cause irritation to the eyes, and is thought to cause corneal ulcers and dry eyes.

This color isn’t for everyone, but you may want to consider trying a different color if you have allergies.


The material may feel uncomfortable.

If your curtains are made of wool, it can feel uncomfortable, especially when it’s a dark colored material.

If the material is made of fabric, it’s more comfortable and will let you focus on your surroundings.

But if the material doesn’t feel comfortable, then your eyes may start to ache.


The color is too bright.

While there are shades of gray and brown that look nice on your walls, the color that makes them stand out in your home might not match your mood.


The light is too intense.

If you can’t tolerate a dark background or if the color is so intense that it makes your eyes water, then it might be a good idea to avoid the material altogether.


The fabric might scratch your skin.

There are many different shades of beveled fabrics, and there are also colors of gray that have the appearance of a metallic finish.

They might scratch or smudge your skin and cause irritation.


You may need to wear a mask to protect yourself from the light.

While your skin can handle light without issues, some people report that wearing a mask can make it hard to see in certain conditions, such as when you have an allergy to the sun.


Your face may become uncomfortable.

Your cheeks, chin, and neck will feel sensitive when exposed to the light, and some people find that the color may make their skin uncomfortable.


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