The latest shower curtain is a smart one.

The shower curtain sells has been in the market for several years now and has a proven track record.

But what really makes them unique is the innovative feature they offer.

Called “sophistate,” the curtain rod has been designed to make it possible to turn the shower into a “spark plug.”

If you want to have a shower that makes your shower a “splitter,” then you can buy the rod from Rods, which has been selling the rods for years.

But that feature doesn’t end there.

You can also use the rod to make a “siphon” of the shower.

The spout is a spout that you can put the rod into and let the water run into, making the shower a siphon.

Now that’s a really smart shower curtain.

The technology behind the Rods’ curtain rods is actually a lot more advanced than the ones that are sold today.

“The rod itself is actually pretty complex,” said Adam Tofig, senior product marketing manager at Rods who has been working with the company for the past five years.

“I would say it has about 80 percent less friction and less vibration than a typical shower curtain, which means it’s much more comfortable for people to use.”

It also has the ability to be turned into a water reservoir, Tofik told us.

“If you’re not going to use the shower, then you don’t need a reservoir.”

In addition, the rod can be used as a water supply.

When the water runs out, it’s siphoned into a small drain and then used to cool the water that has collected in the shower drain.

Toficig added that the rods are also designed to be easy to install.

“It’s easy to clean, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and it can be reused,” he said.

Rods is also known for its water-saver technology.

The company has an exclusive license to use a proprietary water-saving technology called Hydro-Filtration that’s designed to protect the water in the reservoir from moisture, which can be a problem for some customers.

But Rods doesn’t just sell its rods, it also has other products to offer.

“You can have a pool of water that’s cool and has no water in it and you can have the shower itself as a cool water supply,” Tofich told us, adding that this technology is also used in other parts of the industry, including in the energy industry.

The Rods “sport” shower curtain features a unique feature that is very common among other shower curtain models.

It features a “trick” on the rod, which turns the water into a siphons water.

This allows the rod in the water reservoir to drain quickly and quickly.

The Trick The rod is a simple thing to install, but it’s also incredibly useful.

When you first start the shower with the rod attached, it will look like a normal shower curtain and you’ll notice a “Trick” sign that looks like a water-splitter on the end.

This is a water flow device that is designed to prevent water from being siphoned out of the water supply of the Rod.

“When you press down on the “Tricky” sign, you’re going to pull out the water from the reservoir,” Tificig explained.

“So it’s actually going to drain out of that reservoir faster than it drains out of your water supply, so it’s very efficient.”

The rod works in reverse to make the water siphon faster, and this is important because you want the water to drain faster.

Tifig said the rod’s design is also very efficient, meaning it’s able to drain the water faster than other shower curtains.

“We have a design that allows for the rod itself to be a water source,” Tafig said.

“That allows for us to have our water supply drain more quickly and to have the water be able to be siphoned from the water source.”

What’s more, the water can also be siphonted into a reservoir so that you don�t have to worry about it draining out of you.

“Once you use the Tricky sign, it is going to turn into a pump,” Tfig explained, “so you donít have that water going out and going into the shower.”

Tofile said this “Tricks” feature was not something Rods introduced on its own.

“In our experience, when you’re building a new shower curtain for a new customer, we always want to find a good partner to build the curtain,” Toutil told us over the phone.

“And we really did with Rods when we were building this shower curtain because they were a great partner.”

Tfich said that he has had a lot people tell him that Rods has a lot to offer, and he believes that it is a great


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