The best and most cost-effective kitchen curtains will be essential for any home, whether you’re planning a big renovation or looking to get a little bit of extra glamour out of your home. 

There are many different types of curtains, with different designs and colours to suit your own taste, but here are a few of our favourite options for the kitchen. 

What’s the difference between the curtains you need and the ones you want? 

The main differences between the different types and colours of kitchen curtains are the types of fabric that is used. 

For example, a woven fabric will usually be cheaper than a synthetic fabric because it’s more durable. 

A fabric made from synthetic fabric will last longer, and is more likely to be a bit more expensive. 

Some fabrics, like wool, are cheaper than other fabrics, but they can be very durable and absorb water. 

And although it might sound like a lot of effort, the more fabric you buy, the longer your curtains will last, and the more stylish they’ll look. 

How do I choose the best curtain? 

We know that you can make your own curtains from any fabric you want, but if you have a hard time deciding, you might want to consider a few simple rules of thumb. 

First, choose the fabric that’s the most durable, absorbent and light-weight, and it will be the one you’ll want to keep. 

Secondly, choose a colour that matches your kitchen decor. 

Remember, it doesn’t matter how old your curtains are, if you buy a brand new, unwashed curtain it’ll still be a good deal. 

Finally, look for curtains that are at least three times the size of your current curtains, and be sure to buy curtains that don’t go up too high, because you might end up having to cut your curtains back. 

It’s all about looking at the picture, and that’s a good way to pick the right curtains. 

You can read more about kitchen curtains on our guide to the best kitchen curtain for the house.

What are the different colours of curtains for my kitchen? 

To make your curtains the best they can possibly be, you need to know how to identify which fabrics are the best for your kitchen.

We’ve outlined some of the main colours you need for your bedroom, bathroom and living room, and what you can expect from each. 

The most common fabric colours for bedroom curtains: Neutral blue – usually found on kitchen curtains, which are usually of a similar fabric as the curtains in your kitchen, or on the side of your wall.


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