New South Wales, Australia – The Red shower curtains are here and the first to arrive on the state’s beaches.

They’re part of the State of New South|Aus Red Ribbon campaign, a campaign to promote good health and reduce the incidence of illness and death in the state.

A woman is pictured using the Red shower as part of her state of the art medical treatment at the Sydney Beach Health Centre.

The curtain is available for $1,999 and is the first in a new series of curtain options available for women to use in Australia.

New South Wales has launched a $1.3 million medical technology project to equip the women with the curtain, which will be installed by August.

“The curtain has been a really positive experience for many of our patients,” said Dr David Smith from the University of Sydney.

“Our patients are able to see a much more comfortable image and that’s because the curtain is very thin.”

Dr Smith said that when women were not wearing the curtain the image would be too distracting.

“They can’t see the person they’re with, so we can really give them an image of what they’re wearing,” he said.

“That’s very important, especially for women, because it helps them to relax.”

Red shower curtains will be available to women in Sydney and Melbourne on August 12.

“I think people have a really strong sense of the beauty of the Sydney Blue water, and we wanted to be sure we got the right colours and textures for the women,” Dr Smith said.

He said the curtain could be used in a number of ways, including for bathing, and would provide a barrier for people who were having a problem with dry skin.

“It’s a little bit like having a glass of wine in your hand,” Dr Johnson said.

The Red shower can be found in the Sydney and Gold Coast regions and is currently available at the Gold Coast Beach Health and Rehabilitation Centre, on the Gold Beach, at the South Coast, and at the Red Bay Resort, on Gold Coast Bay.

Dr Smith says that while the curtain may not be the ideal solution for everyone, the curtain can be a very useful tool for people with dry or oily skin.

He also said that the Red curtain can also help reduce skin cancers.

“We have patients who have had a particularly high rate of melanoma and they also have an increased risk of cancer,” Dr David said.

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