Google’s new solar-powered rain curtains could cut your risk for rain, but could also affect your ability to breathe, researchers say. 

In a new study, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, found that a cloud of light could block your airways, which could prevent you from breathing in the rain.

“The light can create a barrier that reduces your body’s ability to absorb and filter the air and create heat that would otherwise be lost in the atmosphere,” lead researcher Jason Denton said in a statement.

“This can be an important feature of the weather system.”

The researchers also noted that rain can actually be a beneficial process. 

“As the atmosphere heats up and as the air is warmer, the CO 2 can break down and release some of the CO from the atmosphere into the air,” Denton told ABC News.

“And that’s what causes the precipitation.” 

The research was conducted with the aim of understanding how rain affects the climate. 

Researchers have found that rainfall increases the temperature of the atmosphere, which in turn causes more moisture to fall. 

The researchers looked at two different types of clouds and their effect on the temperature and humidity. 

Using two different cloud types, they also studied how the temperature difference between the clouds affects the amount of CO 2 released. 

To test the effect of the two different clouds, they tested the temperature at different points in the night sky and found that both clouds had a positive effect on temperatures. 

This study is the latest in a string of research that has revealed the effects of rain on the atmosphere. 

For example, last year scientists found that the amount and intensity of precipitation is directly linked to temperature and that the heavier precipitation causes more clouds to form. 

But rain also can affect the weather itself.

The researchers found that when people were exposed to rain, they experienced the opposite of what was predicted: a reduction in their chances of developing frostbite. 

A 2014 study found that people exposed to a drizzle of rain had a 40 percent lower chance of developing a skin infection than people who were exposed only to rain. 

That study also found that rain clouds can cause rainstorms and other weather phenomena like lightning. 

These studies have led scientists to hypothesize that the sun and moon might also be responsible for weather changes. 

According to Denton, one of the most important factors in determining rainfall is how much rain falls. 

He said that, when the weather changes, there’s a tendency for the rain to fall on top of water.

Rain can also affect the amount that the air has to hold in its molecules. 

If that water doesn’t hold in enough, the molecules of water start to condense and eventually start to melt, which can result in cold weather and other effects. 

When a cloud is more clouded, it will create a stronger cloud, which makes it more likely that the cloud will hold more moisture.

Denton also said that cloud cover is important to understand.

“If we don’t know how much cloud there is, we can’t really predict where it will be when we need it,” he said. 

Denton said that he and his team plan to conduct a follow-up study in order to determine if cloud cover also influences the amount or quality of precipitation. 

So far, they have only observed how the sun affects the temperature, and Denton believes this could be an even bigger factor.

Scientists have known that clouds can affect precipitation, but this is the first time that they have found how they can affect temperature. 

It’s not clear whether rain affects our temperature, but scientists have found there are other factors that influence precipitation, such as clouds and the amount there are in the sky. 

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