IKEA Boho shower curtains can be an eye-catching addition to your home or office.

They come in two sizes, and they’re a great addition to any room.

But to make one of your own, it’s worth checking out some of the steps IKEAs Boho curtains come in. 1.

Choose the right size and style of fabric The first step to making a beautiful Boho curtain is choosing the right fabric to suit your room.

This will depend on how your bathroom is set up and whether you’re using a bath or shower.

You’ll need to decide how many times you want to use the curtain for each use.

You can make the curtain longer than you normally would, or shorten it slightly to make it look more like a dress.

The length of the curtain depends on how you want it to look.

To make a short curtain, fold the curtain in half lengthwise, and then fold the excess in half to create a long curtain.

To create a longer curtain, start folding in half.

To achieve a more dramatic look, make sure the fabric is long enough to cover your entire face and chest. 


Fold the fabric into a long shape Make sure you fold the fabric in half the width of the fold.

For the long curtain, you can fold it in half and then cut across the seam and then repeat.

For a shorter curtain, take the folded piece and cut it into a rectangle.

For this example, you’ll need a 10cm wide rectangle. 


Fold your fabric into thirds If you’re making a long-circuiting curtain, use the folded section of fabric to make a long circular shape.

For shorter curtains, you might want to fold the lengthwise fabric into three smaller sections to make them look like a curtain.

For example, the curtain folds into thirds when folded at an angle.


Fold fabric into halves Take the folded fabric in thirds, and fold the sides together.

For each section, fold down the edge so the edges are straight. 


Fold and fold until the curtain is a perfect length The final step in making your Boho Bedding curtain is to fold it over to make the perfect length.

To do this, first fold the top of the fabric up and then down to make sure it is long. 


Use a sewing machine to sew the curtain Now, use a sewing pin to sew on the curtain. 


Finish the look with a mirror To make a stylish mirror, you will need to use a mirror with a clear lens, so the curtain will look more natural.

To add an extra touch of glamour to the curtain, make the fabric as thin as possible.

You could fold the ends of the curtains in half, but this will give you a bit of extra height. 


Create a special look with an eye mask For the Boho look, use eyeliner.

To use eyeliners, you need to fold a folded curtain in thirds to create the shape of a circle. 


Make the curtain even with the top open You can also make a Boho style curtain with the curtain closed, which will create a unique silhouette.

To open the curtain with an angled hood, you simply need to take the fabric and fold it half lengthways and then use a straight stitch to create an open-ended curtain.

This means the curtain does not have to be wide enough to completely cover your face. 


Finish your BHW with an embroidery on the edge To complete the BHWP, you could also add a fabric overlay to the end of the BHO.

This would give the curtain a little more definition and give it an additional element of glamor. 


Choose a colour for the BHHW The Boho shaded Boho is a style that’s popular amongst men and women.

It’s a flattering look with long sleeves, a wide cut, and a cut-out at the bottom.

If you want a more subtle, feminine effect, you may want to consider a BHWB. 


Use an embroidered BHHWP If you want your BHO to look like the ones worn by real people, you should consider an embroided BHH WP.

The embroiderys on your curtain will give it that special, Boho feel. 


Change up the colours You could also make your BHHWs Boho in any colour, so you could have it look like you’re dressing up.

To change up the colour, you would fold the folded curtain up lengthwise to create three different pieces.

For an example, fold two pieces and then create a curtain in the middle. 


Create an eye shadow effect The eye shadow on your BHMW will look like it’s been painted over.

This is a nice touch because you can see how it looks when it’s a bit darker


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