A new DIY project aims to turn your bathroom’s shower curtains yellow by using plastic shower curtains.

The product, called “Yellow Basket,” is a DIY project by designer and DIY enthusiast Katerina Zuk, who has also created DIY projects such as a pink shower curtain and a green shower curtain.

“I wanted to try something different to make something interesting and unique.

I wanted to combine some old and some new ideas to make the project a really interesting and different experience,” Zuk told Mashable.”

The yellow shower was a project I have been working on for a long time, but I had no idea how to make it, and it was only recently that I realized how easy it is to make,” she added.

“I was really surprised by how easy and easy to do it.

I had to make several prototypes and I found that I could make them in about 10 minutes.”

Zuk, a Berlin-based designer, says the Yellow Basket project is inspired by the way our modern world uses a shower curtain as a “pinch ring” to connect our bathroom walls to our home.

“This is how we interact with our home: through our shower curtains, we connect with our bathrooms and our home,” she said.

“As we get older, we start to use our showers and showers are more important than our bathrooms.

But we need to use them more because they are the ones that provide us with privacy and comfort.

I want to give people the ability to make their own shower curtains.”

Zuki explained that the project started with a DIY shower curtain project, but her idea came to her when she was working on her master’s thesis.

“After I finished my thesis I went home and made a bunch of shower curtains and got very excited.

I started to make my own, I wanted it to be a piece of art,” she recalled.

“But I wanted the curtain to have something that was not just a regular curtain, but also a little bit unique, a little different.”

Zuko said that she made a few prototypes before finding a product that would work.

“When I first made this I was really happy, but then I realized it was too easy.

It would be too easy to make this.

It was too simple.

I just couldn’t make it work.

So I made a lot of prototypes,” she explained.

Zuk said the design was inspired by how our modern day world uses shower curtains as a ‘pinch’ ring to connect with bathroom walls.

“We all have our own shower curtain with our own personal style,” she noted.

“It’s not just about the colour, it’s about the texture, it has to look good.

It has to feel comfortable and clean.”

The Yellow Baskets is the product’s first and only DIY project, and Zuk said she is currently working on another one.

Zuk is planning to use her new invention as a product in the coming months, but she told Mashables that her next DIY project will include a “tongue and groove” shower curtain to help people “feel like they’re in a different space” and also “create a space where they can feel safe and safe to use a toilet.”ZUK says that the Yellow Bathroom curtains are one of the best products she has ever created.

“My hope is that we can make a shower that will create a place where people feel comfortable to use the bathroom, to shower and to be able to go back and forth from one room to the other.

There’s a space here for all people,” she concluded.


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