When I first saw the $3.5K $1.2K curtain bang I just couldn’t believe it was real.

I thought it was just a stunt, like the one where I threw a dollar bill at a guy and he threw a couple back.

It’s the same thing, I thought.

But I had a little closer look.

The fabric of the fabric was the same.

I bought the fabric at my local craft store.

I wanted to make the curtain bang from the fabric.

It just felt right.

So I bought it, and it was worth the $1,000 or so.

I have to admit that the curtain didn’t feel right at first.

I didn’t know how to make it bang, and I didn (and still don’t) know how much the fabric would weigh.

I had the fabric cut into 1-inch pieces and I was afraid I might break it.

It wasn’t the fabric that broke, but the metal on the fabric itself.

I decided to just cut a piece of fabric and just glue it to the metal, and then cut it up again.

I ended up with a fabric that weighed 1.2 pounds, which is way less than the curtain I bought, but still quite heavy.

So, I decided I would try making it bang on the next occasion.

I also bought a curtain that I could hang on my wall.

This was a great piece of cloth, and the bangs I made were even more fun to watch.

I added some decorative fabric to the bang and used some decorative wire to make two hooks.

I used my leftover fabric to tie the fabric around the metal.

I made the bang using a few pieces of metal and a couple of pieces of plastic.

The metal itself was only $20.

The plastic pieces cost me $5.

I cut them up and made a few hooks, which I tied around the plastic.

It was a good idea to use some fabric to make hooks.

It gave me a little more structure, and also made the material more durable.

The bangs are now hanging on my walls.

If you would like to buy this piece of furniture, you can find it on Amazon.


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