You might not know it, but cats love to climb and climb up on their owner’s walls.

A study published in the journal PLOS ONE found that cats climbed up to 80 per cent of the cat’s ceiling, with many climbing up on the back of their owner or other people.

The researchers were interested in the cats’ psychological reaction to the climb.

“This is a unique and novel psychological response of cats to climbing and climbing,” lead author Dr. John F. Haughey, an associate professor of psychology at Emory University, told CBC News.

We’re using this to get to know the cats and understand what motivates them, what makes them go for it, Haugley said.

Cat owners can help cats climb by giving them treats when they come out of their den, putting a leash around the cat and taking pictures of the cats movement.

Haughhey said that’s not enough.

You can’t just put a leash on a cat and expect them to climb up your walls and run up your wall, he said.

“You have to do it in the context of a social situation.”

It’s important to take cat photos and videos, Haughhe said.

“They need to be in the situation and the moment, they’re doing what they need to do.”

Haughhey and his colleagues found that cat owners were more likely to get frustrated with their cats when they tried to climb, even when the cats were still climbing.

In other words, the more frustrated a cat was with their owner, the higher their level of frustration.

Another study found that people who kept their cats indoors for a while had higher levels of frustration and anxiety than people who left their cats out.

Haughhe says cats can have a negative impact on their owners’ mental health.

“If you’re having problems with your mental health, or are dealing with an illness, and you can’t go out into the world and get your cats out of your home, it’s really important to have some type of support with cats, whether that’s a leash, whether it’s a cat cage, whether or not there’s a scratching post,” he said in an interview with CBC News, adding that there’s no need to keep your cat in a crate.

“A cat that is locked up is a cat that will be a lot more likely than a cat who’s free to roam around and go anywhere.”


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