If you’re like me, you’re a big fan of the curtain that hides your bed and covers up the shower.

But how do you know what’s best for your room?

I got in touch with a couple of people to see if they had any tips on what to look for.

One of them, Joanne, runs a blog called “Corduroy in My Bathroom,” which offers a roundup of her personal experiences with the curtains in her home.

Joanne’s not just a home decor expert, either.

She’s also a certified certified curtains and curtain manufacturer, which means she can give you a quick rundown of what to expect when you order from her shop.

Here are some of her tips on selecting the best curtains for your bedroom.


Choose the Right Size For Your Bathroom 1.

The best curtain in your bedroom should be at least 8 feet tall and 7 feet wide, Joanna says.

She recommends going with a curtain that is “as tall as the ceiling, but not taller than the bed.”

You should also make sure the curtain is made of fabric that’s at least 60 percent cotton, because “it will provide good water repellency and absorb moisture,” Joanne says.


Choose a Size That’s Easy To Hang The most important thing to remember about the type of curtain you buy, Joannas says, is that it has to be easy to hang.

It’s important that the curtain can be easily removed and put away, as well as be easy for you to wash.

A 2-by-2-foot curtain with a two-foot height means it won’t be difficult to remove.

And you should use it in the same room where you plan to use it. 3.

Don’t Choose One Color All of the curtains Joannans recommend for her bedroom are white, which makes sense because the curtains are supposed to be a light shade of gray, which she says is what she likes.

Joanns says it’s important to select a curtain in a dark gray that is the same shade as the wall.


Choose Color That’s Not Color Blended Color mixing is a very popular trend in the home décor industry.

“I think most people would say you should try to use the same color combination as the curtains,” she says.

“The color mix will be what you want the curtains to match.”

To use the correct color mix, Joannie says you should choose the one that you like the most, but “if it doesn’t match your skin tone, you can use a different color.

It doesn’t have to be black and white.”


Choose The Right Material For Your Curtains 5.

The fabrics Joann has recommended are cotton, linen, wool, and silk, which will help you blend the fabric together.

Jo Annas recommends that you choose a material that is at least 50 percent cotton for your curtains.


Select A Fabric That Looks Like It Has Been Poured On Joanne also recommends that curtains be “soft” so that the material doesn’t look tacky.


Choose Fabric That Is Hard to Wash Joanne recommends a “soft, lightweight fabric.”

“You should use a soft fabric that is not tacky, like cotton or linen,” she advises.

“If you can get away with using a fabric that isn’t tacky but still has a good amount of stretch, that’s what you should go for.”


Choose A Fabric that Doesn’t Reflect Light Joanne prefers a fabric with a light color, like white.

Jo Anne also recommends a fabric for your bed that is lighter than other fabrics in the room.

“You want a fabric to reflect light,” she tells me.

“For my bed, it’s not dark gray, but I wanted it to be white.

So it’s white, but it has a gray color underneath it.”


Choose Material That Doesn’t Look Too Dark Joanne suggests a fabric like “soft-cotton.”

“Soft-cob, soft-cord, soft wool,” she suggests.


Choose Your Curtain That Will Protect You Joanne tells me that a soft curtain should “give you a good cushioning effect.”

And she says a curtain should have “a thin fabric that doesn’t show through the fabric and you can see through it.”

She says a light curtain “should look like it’s being poured on.”


Choose Cotton For The Lightest Color Joannan recommends a soft-colored fabric, like linen.

“Soft wool or cotton will do fine,” she warns.


Choose Cushioning Effect Joanne offers tips on how to choose the perfect fabric for the room she’s living in.

“One of the biggest issues with the softest fabrics is that they absorb water and make your bedroom feel damp,” she writes.

“In my bathroom, I found that soft cotton curtains really do feel like they


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