By The Hindu September 13, 2018 06:03:00 I’ve always loved the blue shower curtains.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never had to remove them, even though they are the most commonly found in homes.

The most common colour used in Indian houses is blue, but in the West, blue is also used to decorate the curtains, so it’s not surprising that I’ve found it in all the popular Indian home decor brands, from Chanel to Tiffany.

My favourite colour is red.

Blue is my favourite colour in Indian homes, especially in the blue-coloured curtains that make up the majority of Indian home décor.

Here are some reasons why you should use the most popular Indian colour, blue.1.

It’s cheap, easy to work with and easy to clean2.

It adds texture and depth to the colour and makes it look different from the surrounding colours3.

It makes the house look a bit more ‘modern’ and modern looks can add charm and interest to a room4.

The colour can create a lot of interest in the decor of the house and the colour adds a touch of fun and excitement to a space5.

It brings out personality and mood in a room by reflecting light and creating a beautiful effect6.

Blue also reflects light and is ideal for enhancing the mood and decor of a room, so if you don’t have a lot to do in the room, it makes it easier to do so7.

It is also good for the eyes because the colours can enhance the colour of the room8.

If you want to use it for your own home, you can mix and match the colours to suit your tastes.9.

It can also be used as a decorative item in your own room10.

It will complement the colour palette of the home and make it more ‘traditional’ in design11.

It provides the colours of the colour in a way that it does not affect the colouration of the surrounding house, making the colour palatable12.

It reflects light, making it easier for the room to be viewed13.

The colours can make it look as though the room has been changed, so you can feel the difference and the difference can be felt when you look into a room14.

Blue has been used for centuries to decorates many types of buildings, including temples, churches and schools.

It has also been used to colour the furniture in most of the modern Indian homes.

The use of blue has changed over the centuries.

The oldest use of the blue colour is in India, the ancient times, but it has been popularised over the last few centuries in many parts of the world.


The best thing about using blue is that it doesn’t take long to find a colour that suits your decorating needs2.

You can work with it in many different ways and it is a good choice for making changes to the decor you have in your home3.

Blue is a natural colour and easy for people to work on4.

You won’t have to pay much to buy a blue shower or a blue towel5.

You will have a much cleaner and more interesting home without spending a lot more money6.

The most common reason to buy it is because you want a colour which can be used to enhance the decor and decorate your home7.

You don’t need to spend a lot on a different colour to make it work for you8.

It doesn’t require much effort to use a blue curtain9.

Because of the different colours in the colours used, it’s easy to mix and mix colours to get different effects10.

There are lots of options for different colour options for you to work from11.

The main reason for purchasing blue is to enhance or enhance the room you live in12.

The more colour you have, the more different things you can do with it13.

It creates a more organic, natural and lively home14.

You may find it easier if you are buying a colour used by the Indian people, who use the colour to paint the walls of their homes, for example.

Posted by Chittaranjan Dhillon at 6:37 PM


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